Spiny lobsters
One of our unique selling points are the spiny lobsters. We have them in the seizes 3-5, 4-7, 6-9, 8-12,13-15 and 16-20.
Oysters from “The Oosterschelde”
The oysters are farmed off the bottem in the Oosterschelde.    
Smoked eel
One of the most famous specialties of the Netherlands are the smoked eel.
We have several offers every week. Please contact us for more information.
Local Fish from the Oosterschelde
We receive a lot off fish directly from local fisherman. They catch during the year: eel, lobsters, flounder, grey mullet, seabass and cuttlefish.
We always have all kinds of lobsters. Whole year around we sell Canadian lobsters. But in the season we sell also lobsters, Scotland, French and from the Oosterschelde.
Black Gold
The mussels from Yerseke are well known as the Black Gold.