Summer Oysters from “The Oosterschelde”
A new system of farming of oysters.    
Sea urgins
Sea urchins are outsiders in the seafood family. They are considered an exclusive delicacy in the kitchen, almost on par with caviar. Although sea urchin can be a challenge to prepare, the reward is always worthwhile. We understand the importance of buying live sea urchins, so count on us to provide you with the freshest supply.
We have several offers every week. Please contact us for more information.
Start season sea lavender
Since week 15 we started selling sea lavender again. But currently because of the cold weather the supplie is limited. We hope when the weather and the water gets warmer we can offer this delicious Zeeuwish delicasy as much as you like.
Start season Oosterschelde lobster
Since 1 April the season of the Oosterschelde lobster has begun. But just as the sea lavender the supplies and catches are limited due to the cold weather. We hope that we can offer this delicate product without limitations as soon as possible.
Ending of season soil mussels
The season of the soil mussels has stopped. As an alternative we offer Danish suspended-culture mussels. Currently they have a meat percentage of 35 % which is good. These mussels are bred on vertical stakes aligned and dug into the ground of the foreshore.