Spiny lobsters
One of our unique selling points are the spiny lobsters. We have them in the seizes 3-5, 4-7, 6-9, 8-12,13-15 and 16-20.
Summer Oysters from “The Oosterschelde”
A new system of farming of oysters.    
Sea urgins
Sea urchins are outsiders in the seafood family. They are considered an exclusive delicacy in the kitchen, almost on par with caviar. Although sea urchin can be a challenge to prepare, the reward is always worthwhile. We understand the importance of buying live sea urchins, so count on us to provide you with the freshest supply.
We have several offers every week. Please contact us for more information.
season sea lavender
This sea lavender we harvest also in the Oosterschelde..
We always have all kinds of lobsters. Whole year around we sell Canadian lobsters. But in the season we sell also lobsters, Scotland, French and from the Oosterschelde.
The quality of the mussels from the Oosterschelde are at this moment outstanding.